Some of the Industries We Serve

The challenges of restaurant owners are many, and maintenance is one of the most crucial components.

You are responsible for more than food – you are giving customers an eating experience. If you’ve already launched and have been running your restaurant for a while, you still face financial hurdles. Equipment breaks, customer bases change, and competition evolves. A Merchant Cash Advance can address these needs – and more.

If you’re in the retail industry, you know that your opportunity as well as your challenges, can present quickly and your response must match.

Be sure to ask us how a Merchant Cash Advance can help you reach your retail goals. As a business owner in the retail industry, you know that your world is consistently evolving. There are marketing, advertising, inventory, potential inventory, retail space, and growth opportunities awaiting you around almost every corner. A Merchant Cash Advance can help you meet these issues head-on, making the most of your corner in the retail world.

Service Providers
One of the biggest challenges that those in the service industry face is the often lack of robust collateral.

There are no storefronts filled with products that can be used for backing a loan. The capital infusion can be used to accelerate the growth of a service business, It can support things such as marketing or peripherals such as financing the technology for the front-end office. Perhaps you are working towards a goal of establishing a larger customer base, but you need to expand your employee training hours or buy new equipment for those extra employees. An MCA might just have the answer you ne...

Your lodging business is about more than providing a place for guests to sleep. You need to address all of their daily needs – 24 hours every day of the year.

Perhaps over time your hotel has had one too many “rowdy” guests and it is just time to update and upgrade so that your business can continue to grow. Little things like fresh bedding, repairs in hallway carpeting, or updates to onsite dining and entertainment venues can make all the difference in your industry. A Merchant Cash Advance from Cash Crunch Advance can help with both emergency repairs and longer-term remodeling.

The healthcare industry encompasses a network of caregivers, patients, equipment, exam or treatment rooms, office space, and more.

These components are crucial to the end-goal – the care of the patient. At Crunch Advance advance we work with a variety of clients in the healthcare industry as they work to reach their end-goals. Perhaps you are a dentist and your waiting area needs a serious makeover. The financial infusion from a Merchant Cash Advance can help you take care of these needs, so you can keep taking care of your patients.

Green Energy
We provide companies with the capital to support their green energy efforts.

Those companies reduce their negative energy practices and become eligible for financial incentives from the government. Companies that want to take advantage of the governmental benefits, as well as lessen their own carbon footprints, might not be able to convince a traditional bank that these updates or modifications are worthwhile. This is where Cash Crunch Advance and an MCA can make the difference.

Oil and Gas Companies
The nature of the business means that production needs fluctuate – and access to almost instant cash is an extremely valuable and business-changing opportunity.

Encompassing a large variety of clients, this industry continues to expand in size and scope. Water oil drilling, targeted attempts to reduce pollution and environmental impacts, and other emerging fuel fields draw new business owners, but also an inherent amount of risk. This risk, coupled with any previous credit or other business problems, can make securing capital for those in the oil & gas industry very challenging.

Access to quick capital can mean the difference between staying in business and wilting away if the products in the greenhouse fail.

Florists use MCA financing to support marketing, renovation, and updating efforts. For centuries flowers have been used to communicate – to celebrate, recognize, and even sympathize – as people send flowers and arrangements. As rich in history as this practice is, business owners in the floral industry who seek financing can run into roadblocks – often because their collateral is delicate. If greenhouse technology fails, a florist can quickly lose stock. This makes their business a risk, but is also highlights why the florist can benefit from a Merchant Cash Advance.

Franchise owners have demanding financial needs. There are issues for equipment and marketing updates, as well as staff hiring and training.

MCA can help these franchise owners stay on top of these demands. One of the biggest draws of franchise owners to MCAs is the fast access to capital. Banks need weeks, at minimum, to process and provide the funds. Unfortunately for franchise owners, this time is priceless and waiting for standard business loans can detrimentally affect the bottom line. An MCA gives you the cash you need when you need it so you can get on with continuing to build your franchise.

Commercial Fishing
Business owners often need to take certain levels of risk. Whether it is repairing equipment, investing in new equipment or hiring new employees, an MCA can give you the financial support you need to reach your goals.

Commercial fishing and farming supplies the products necessary to meets the demands of the seafood and fish markets, from grocery stores to high-end restaurants. Even with these specific needs, there are inherent risks within this industry. Depending upon the climate where the business exists, owners might rely on seasonal harvesting, leaving gaps in direct working hours and customer payments. Those in the fishing industry also must contend with factors beyond their immediate control, such as changes in the environment that affects production.

Commercial Timber Industry
While the timber industry has existed in the US practically since the inception of the country, it is not considered a traditional industry, especially by banking institutions.

It relies on a variety of sequential successes, from seeding to mill production. A Merchant Cash Advance can be just what your business needs to gain capital for those steps in the process. Whether you need to gain access to new timberland, repair equipment in your processing facility, invest in new vehicles, or incorporate new technologies into your business, an MCA can help you grow your timber business.

Commercial Trucking
A MCA from Cash Crunch Advance can provide you with the capital to grow your trucking business. You can expand your routes, lease new equipment,

and repair existing equipment, without having to wait the traditional 4 to 6 weeks for bank lending approval and funding. Commercial trucking is an underlying support system for countless other industries across the United States. Other companies rely on the network of transportation that commercial trucking supplies. However, this can also be considered a risky industry by banks, preventing you from securing traditional business loans.


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